News Nugget – Apple’s US$10k prize for App Store download number 10bn

Apple's about to shift its 10 billionth app. And its giving away a big prize to the lucky downloader

Do you want to have enough iTunes credit to buy Angry Birds 10,000 times? Your best bet could be to go and buy Angry Birds again. Or any app, for that matter, because if you download the 10 billionth app from the App Store, Apple will hand you a US$10,000 iTunes gift card – enough to buy 67 Beatles box sets or rent 10,000 episodes of Glee.

Head to Apple’s homepage to keep an eye on the counter, then strike when you feel lucky. If you’re anti-app, but wouldn’t mind getting your hands on the booty anyway, you can always fill out this form and time your tap on the ‘submit’ button just right.

Good luck, and let us know if you win.

UPDATE: It's been won. And not by us (not for want of trying). Louie Sulcer of Woodstock (in Georgia, not the famous festival location in New York) downloaded Johnny Cash's Guess Things Happen That Way to claim the US$10,000 reward. Right, we'd all better get downloading the next 10 billion apps so we can get a second bite of the cherry.

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