New iPhone 4S Siri ads star Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel

Look away now if don't want to see Sammy making a risotto with Siri's assistance

We haven't seen celebs hawking iPhone wares on screen before but when Apple gets the good looking and famous on board to sell more handsets, it doesn't mess about.

A couple of iPhone 4S adverts have started being shown on TV in the US starring Samuel L Jackson, Zooey Deschanel and, of course, Siri. The ads mainly show off the location based features that iPhone 4S users in the US can use – like finding the nearest shop that delivers 'to-may-to' soup – but annoyingly that's something the rest of the world can't yet make use of.

There's also some kooky uses of the calendar and Wolfram Alpha on show – take a look at the YouTube videos below if you want to see Zooey dancing around her flat or Samuel L taking cookery tips from his phone. We don't know about you but we reckon "Date Night" at his house would be pretty damn cool.

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