Need to know – Fujitsu colour ebook reader

The next-generation ereader is so ahead of everything else, they haven’t even named it yet. And we've got exclusive photos

What’s all this then?

This beautiful 8in colour digital-paper ereader recently made a public appearance in Japan. And we’ve got hold of some snaps to show off its next generation cholesteric liquid crystal display.

What does that cholesteric thingy mean?

Cholesteric liquid crystals don't need polarising or reflecting plates, colour filters or back lights, meaning they can be thin, light and bright. It also means you can cram in 4096 colours at 157ppi on what is a low-power digital paper screen. All very impressive, although its 0.7s write speed (an improvement on the FLEPia Lite predecessor) still leaves a bit to be desired. That's the price of a dither-free colour display, though.

Is it coming out anytime soon?

Not likely, but at the current rate of progress, you might see one of these blowing a monochrome Kindle out of the water within a year, then sizing up the iPad 3. But as they say, two years is a long time in technology.


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