MWC 2012 – Mozilla shows off Boot to Gecko OS

The bods behind Firefox have come up with a nifty HTML 5-based OS – and they've already found someone to build shiny hardware for it

You might have heard a lot of geeky excitement over HTML5 but then wonder what it can actually do and when we'll see it. Well, how about a whole mobile OS based on it?

Mozilla's Boot to Gecko project has shown its face at Mobile World Congress just as the creators of Firefox have announced that Telefonica will start making handsets for the OS. And teased that other smartphone manufacturers are on board too.

The Boot to Gecko OS means that your handset won't have anything native stored on it – so everything will need an internet connection, even the camera and dialling screen for making calls.

HTML5 bookmarks are used to launch apps, web pages and games – and Mozilla assures us that it's working to make some of these available offline. There's also a feature called Persona, which lets you store files and apps in the cloud so you can access them from a desktop version of Firefox or Boot to Gecko-clad phone.

Keep your eyes on the Mobile World Congress 2012 page for our hands on and first impressions with the latest smartphone OS contender.

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