Motorola unveils ACTV fitness system

Meet the tiny MP3 player that wants to look after your ticker

Motorola has unveiled the previously rumoured ACTV, a mini touchscreen MP3 player for fitness fanatics.

Moto claims that the ACTV's like having a “personal trainer and DJ at your side.” The ACTV will happily wrap itself around your wrist, arms or handlebars while simultaneously pumping out your personal/FM radio tunes, measuring distances and counting calories. The player also learns which songs motivate you more and includes them in a personal high-performance playlist – think Popeye’s spinach, for your ears.

Built in GPS lets you track your routes and other recorded information at or on a free mobile Android app for on-the-go stat gorging. Calls can be taken without breaking a stride thanks to Bluetooth headset compatibility. Moto’s own wireless SF700 and wired SF500 headphones both include built-in heart-rate monitors – handy for keeping an eye on your ticker.

Available in 8GB and 16GB models (priced at US$250 and US$300 respectively), the ACTV will hit stores in the US on November 6th. As always, we’ll bring you UK pricing and release details as and when we get them.

UPDATE: The Motorola ACTV will be available in the UK before Christmas – ahead of the rest of Europe who'll have to wait until 2012.

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