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Motorola Moto X (2017): Everything we know so far

The latest mid-tier Moto is on the way - here's what to expect

The Moto X is the middle-ground phone in Motorola’s line-up: not as high-end as a Moto Z and its funky interchangeable Mods, and not as friendly on the wallet as the bargain Moto G.

We were treated to three distinctly different versions back in 2015, but nothing last year, so we’re well overdue an update. An update which, according to early leaks, might not be far away.

Things might have changed now that Lenovo is the parent company calling the shots, but there’s still plenty to get excited over ahead of launch.

Here’s everything we know so far.



>>> It’ll look a lot like the Moto G5

Lenovo has had a big influence on the look and feel of recent Motorola phones, dropping the unique design, textures and materials of previous years for more mainstream metal and glass. Expect the Moto X to closely match the G5, only with a more premium feel to better match the higher price. That means it’s in danger of blending into the crowd of similarly-priced Chinese phones doing the rounds, which all seem to stick to glass and gunmetal grey colours.

>>> Dual rear cameras should be on the way

2017 looks set to be the year where dual-lens cameras make their way down from flagship phones, and that will probably include the Moto X. Images show the phone with two separate lenses built into the now-familiar protroding camera module. There’s no word on what kind of setup Moto will be going for, but with colour/monochrome systems proving popular in Lenovo’s native China, we’re betting one will make an appearance here – it seems more likely than LG’s wide-angle array, at any rate.

>>> It won’t be a performance monster

The Moto X is a mid-tier phone, and it doesn’t look like the 2017 version will punch above its weight when it comes to performance. The most up-to-date images show the phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 and 3GB of RAM – that’s what you’ll find in the £199 Lenovo P2. 32GB of on-board storage is hardly class-leading either: here’s hoping Motorola gets the price right.

>>> Don’t expect Moto Mod support…

We’re big fans of the Moto Z’s modular design here at Stuff: easy to attach, no need to turn your phone off first, and genuinely useful extras that add more functionality to your phone. Unfortunately, it looks like the Moto X won’t be following suit. Current images doing the rounds show the back of the phone, but those familiar Moto Mod pins aren’t on show.

>>> …but do expect fingerprint sensor software tweaks

The Moto G5 Plus added a novel way to free up space onscreen, by letting the front-facing fingerprint sensor double up as a multi-function navigation key with taps and swipes to make your way through the Android UI. With a similar sensor seemingly set to appear on the Moto X, we’re betting the same software setup will be available for anyone that wants to enable it.


>>> 27 March 2017

A comprehensive set of photos posted to Google+ courtesy of Jerry Lin seemingly revealed the existence of the 2017 Moto X, as well as announcing some of the headline specs.

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