Motorola and JCB team up for limited edition Defy+

Forget fancy metallic cases and Smurf games – sometimes we just want a spirit level and a torch from our smartphone

Everyone knows that real men chew up and spit out the original Motorola Defy+ before brunch – and you don't even want to see the remains of fashion phones when they're finished with those highly breakable bits of bling.

So understandably JCB, makers of the Toughphone, have taken matters into their own hands. JCB's cajoled Motorola into ramping up the rugged features of the Defy+ smartphone with this limited edition offering – which should shame its usually garish black and yellow models into hiding.

Inside the JCB Motorola Defy+, you get a 1Ghz processor and Android Gingerbread 2.3 – plus there's a none-too-shabby 5MP camera and a 3.7in screen. JCB's visco-elastic protective sleeve should save the Defy+ from any knocks or scrapes – handy if your work involves construction, engineering or diving through natural disasters to save innocent people.

Superheroes aside, there's also a whole host of pre-loaded JCB apps including a spirit level, torch, decibel meter/ recorder, unit converter and theodolite. Put it this way – if you know what that last one is and you've got £260 to spend on a rugged work phone, this is the blower for you.

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