Moto 360 Sport releases a week before Christmas in the UK and France

But it won't hit the States until the new year rolls around

We were a little underwhelmed by the second-generation Moto 360, but if you're eager to see how Motorola handles a fitness-friendly watch and the Moto 360 Sport is on your holiday wish list, you're in luck - if you're in the UK or France, at least.

Motorola just announced that the Moto 360 Sport will release in those two countries on 18 December, although everyone else will have to wait until 2016. The Android Wear-powered watch will reach the United States on 7 January at online retailers, and will be in Best Buy stores and Motorola's Chicago store on 10 January.

No UK or French price is available yet, but the watch will sell for US$299 - the same price as the smaller 42mm version of the new Moto 360 (the 46mm is $349). The Sport will also reach Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, and Spain once the new year comes into view.

What's the deal with the Moto 360 Sport? Well, it has a silicone band that resists sweat, fading, and stains, says Motorola, with notches all the way up and down for ventilation. The built-in GPS pairs well with the Moto Body app to keep track of distance, pace, and other stats without needing to carry your phone at all times.

It also has a new AnyLight hybrid LCD display that adapts to lighting conditions, allowing for ideal clarity whether inside or outdoors. Motorola also says the Sport offers improved battery life, but it's still rated at a full day's usage, and we don't know yet just how large the battery cell is.

The Moto 360 still has that "flat tire" look with the blacked-out bottom of the circular screen, but maybe some fitness smarts will give it an edge against the stronger Android Wear competition of late. We'll find out in a couple weeks.

[Source: Motorola]