Monster Jamz: unbreakable headphones

Really? Unbreakable? Well, "virtually indestructible" is pretty close...

Monster, they of the highly successful (and highly bassy) Beats by Dre ear goggles, have just released another pair of headphones – and they’re purportedly “virtually indestructible”.

Monster Jamz are constructed from 100 percent solid metal and have a scratch and corrosion resistant chrome finish, which Monster says makes them hardier than the average set of earbuds. The metal housing also aids audio performance by cancelling out unwanted vibrations.

You can bag a pair of Jamz for £80, or pay £100 to get them with a ControlTalk cable, allowing you to adjust settings on your iPod or iPhone, and take calls on the latter via a microphone and answer button.

Also being introduced are Lil’ Jamz, a lightweight, more compact version of Jamz. These are priced at £70, or £80 with ControlTalk.