Microsoft Pink phone specs leaked?

The rumours surrounding the Zune phone are quite frankly getting a bit confusing. Just a few weeks ago Microsoft addressed the whisperings, and issued

So what exactly is going on? There's still no solid news either way, but some specs have surfaced today for the so-called "Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1", rumoured to be the heart of the "Pink" Microsoft phone.

ZDNet got its hands on the specs from an apparent "trustworthy" source, which suggests Chassis 1 phones will pack 3.5-inch or bigger multitouch screens, ARM v6+ processors, NVIDIA graphics, at least 256MB of RAM and a minimum of 1GB of storage.

The phones will also benefit from a 3 megapixel or higher camera (with flash and second camera optional), GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, compass, accelerometer and that all important 3.5mm headphone jack.

Phew. Apparently these specs are a few months old now, so there's no promising these haven't changed. Still, it gives us a little insight into what we may have to come from Microsoft before the year is out.

We'll be keeping our ear to the ground for more news so be sure to keep checking back to for all the latest details.