Microsoft Band wearable leaked via the Mac App Store and Google Play, of all places

Long-rumoured fitness device is shown and detailed via prematurely released apps
Microsoft Band Sync app

Did you know that Microsoft has a fitness-centric wearable coming out soon? You might if you follow our coverage closely, or perhaps if you browsed the Mac App Store or Google Play in recent hours.

The device hasn’t yet been officially announced, but thanks to companion apps prematurely launched on those storefronts, we now know quite a bit about the Microsoft Band.

Namely, the Microsoft Band looks quite a bit like Samsung’s Gear Fit, with a slim, streamlined design and a thin strip of a color display. We know this because of the company’s Microsoft Band Sync app, which appeared on the Mac App Store and shows a clear image of the core unit itself, but only a shadow of the attached strap.

Were it the only accidentally released app for the wearable, we might chalk it up as a rare mistake - or conspiracy theorists might point to it as an intentional spoil on Apple’s part. But no, also launched within the last few hours was a Microsoft Health app for Android that mentions the Band, and that’s now on the Windows Phone store as well.

Microsoft Health

Through the Microsoft Health app, we seemingly have some confirmation of the Band’s ability to track your heart rate continuously throughout the day, as well as track steps taken, calories burned, routes run, and hours slept.

Last we heard, the device is expected to have a two-day battery to deal with all of that, and as evidenced by the various apps, it’s expected to sync with Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices alike.

Bit of a strange rollout here, no? With all of this info suddenly appearing, don’t be surprised if we get official word about the Microsoft Band’s launch within hours.

[Source: The Verge]

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