Meet the first new Super 8 camera for 30 years

We can smell the nostalgia from here. And it's layered with a modern twist
Meet the first new Super 8 camera for 30 years

Mention the words 'Super 8' to a youngster these days, and all that'll spring to their mind is a number with superpowers. 

Well-travelled gadgeteers will however have flashbacks of old home movie footage, grain-flecked screens and the comforting whir of honest-to-goodness film.

If those memories result in a watery eye or two, then we've got some good news for you. The first new Super 8 camera to hit the market in 30 years has been announced, and it's called the Logmar S-8.

Designed by a father and son duo in Denmark, it's a wonderful hybrid of old-school cool and modern tech.

Meet the first new Super 8 camera for 30 years
Meet the first new Super 8 camera for 30 years

Unlike its ancestors, the new Super 8 shooter features picture stabilisation for super-smooth recording, thanks to a fixed pressure plate.

There's also a side-mounted swivel LCD display, a C-mount thread for hassle-free lens swaps and programmable frame rates from 16fps up to 54fps. You can also adjust the exposure time, and keep the firmware up to date via a USB connection.

It's even got Wi-Fi remote control compatibility thrown in for good measure, so you can control the action from an iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

And then, of course, we have the wonderful 8mm film that's at the heart of it all. Its cartridge format revolutionised the film industry decades ago, allowing wider, clearer footage, and supporting precision-controlled mechanical spooling.

The Logmar S-8 uses a NASA-approved motor to spool the film, and even better, you can slot in an SD card to capture  16-bit/48 kHz audio, which you can sync up with the footage post-shoot.

It's beautiful, it's clever, and we really, really want one. If you do too then US distributor Pro 8mm has opened up for pre-orders, which start from US$3,500, without a lens. Prices will shoot up to US$5,000 after the first run sells out, so get into impulse purchase mode as quickly as you can.

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