Magical table changes shape with a wave of your hands

In the future, your furniture could pass the salt down for you
Magical table changes shape with a wave of your hands

MIT's Tangible Media Group has revealed a shape-shifting surface which will change the way you look at tables forever.

Called Transform, the interactive table features 1152 plastic pins, each of which can independently move up and down thanks to a dedicated microprocessor.

If that seems familiar then it's probably because you remember the team's previous inFORM project, which used a Kinect camera to let users remotely interact with objects via the morphing pins.

The Transform is also able to detect your hand motion, and the pins shy away as your hands pass over them, like a school of startled fish. 

Throw a ball on them though and they'll gladly roll it around in a mesmerising pulsating display of control.

Naturally we're not going to see smart furniture like this at your local IKEA anytime soon, but it's an interesting take on how we could all be interacting with our surroundings in ways we've yet to even imagine.

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[via Wired]