This magical morphing table will literally knock your blocks off (and stack them up again)

Your future kitchen counter top could tenderise your steak for you

Remember MIT’s awesome transforming tabletop? It’s now approximately 67.8% more awesome.

The system consists of a set of computer-controlled pins, which can move objects around as their height is adjusted.

Whereas before the table could roll a ball around quite happily, it’s a lot smarter now. The latest version can not only flip around and rotate cubes, but it can stack them up and knock them down again.

You can even move around a set of cubes by hand, and it’ll mirror the movements accurately, like some sort of invisible, technological mime. Or something.

Sure, ultimately it’s no more advanced than a toddler learning fine motor skills, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

Fast forward twenty years, and your mattress could be made out of millions of pins, with each and every one working together in graceful tandem, providing a full body massage at the press of a button. We can’t wait.

[via Gizmodo]