MacBook Pro 2012 gets the Intel Ivy Bridge treatment

The 13in and 15in MacBook Pros have been updated with Intel's latest chips for extra power

Apple has announced a refreshed line of MacBook Pros with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processors that go up to 2.7GHz quad core i7s or turbo boosted to 3.7GHz.

These new powerful laptops come with up to 8GB RAM at 1600MHz and 60 percent faster integrated graphics. The 15in model comes with Kepler GeForce GT 650M graphics, also a 60 percent increase on the older 15in model.

Both models come packing USB 3.0 and last 7 hours on battery. But there's no sign of the 17in version which now appears to be dead. The 13in MacBook Pro starts at US$1200 (£770) for 2.3GHz dual core and 4GB RAM and goes up to US$1500 (£970) for the 2.9GHz dual core i7 with 8GB RAM. The 15in model is US$1800 (£1200) for the 2.3GHZ i7 quad core and 4GB RAM or US$2200 (£1400) for the 2.6GHz quad core and 8GB RAM.

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