Mac OS X leaked screenshots suggest a move towards iOS

Reddit user posts blurry images that hint at a growing similarity between Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems
Alleged leaked image of OS X 10.10

Later today at WWDC, Apple seems certain to unveil the latest version of its Mac desktop operating system, OS X 10.10. But one Reddit user may have stolen Tim Cook et al’s thunder by sneaking out some screenshots of the OS.

The user posted four blurry images (now taken down) that he or she claimed were taken at Apple’s Cupertino HQ. Assuming they are the real deal, they suggest that Apple is engineering its desktop OS to more closely resemble its mobile counterpart iOS – a move widely predicted by many industry pundits.

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Alleged leaked image of OS X 10.10

So how are the two platforms becoming more similar, according to these images? Well, they show a Control Center app that very closely resembles that of iOS 7: it’s a translucent pane that slides out from the left side of the screen, offering easy and quick access to a handful of features including “About This Mac”, System Preferences, Do Not Disturb and what appears to be an airplane mode. There are also controls for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, sound, AirPlay and AirDrop.

Alleged leaked image of OS X 10.10

Another shot shows a Notification Center pane, which slides in from the right. It looks similar to the “Today” view in iOS 7’s Notification Center, with a date at the top, a calendar view, and weather and stocks information.

Alleged leaked image of OS X 10.10

The other two images both show Apple’s Safari web browser, which looks far more iOS-like than before: buttons are flatter than on the current Mavericks version of OS X.

All pictures show a reworked Dock, which is now a translucent strip (as on iOS) rather than the shelf seen on previous OS X editions.

We’ll find out later if these images are genuine. Make sure you come back to follow all Apple’s WWDC reveals (OS X and iOS 8 are expected to both make a showing) in our live blog, which will kick off at 6pm UK time.

[Via MacRumors]

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