Lomography's new La Sardina camera looks a bit fishy

Ever fancied a camera that resembles a can of sardines? Neither have we, but it does look tasty...

Lomography has always been pretty far outside the box with its range of charmingly quirky film cameras, but the latest offering boasts more than just bizarre looks. A 22mm wide-angle lens is complemented by Lomo's most powerful flash to date, which should be perfect for some wacky snaps on a night out. The camera plays nice with 35mm film and comes in various fish-inspired designs – although we're told that a thousand more designs are just around the corner.

If you’re looking to spice your photos up a bit then prepare to part with £90 for the flash-toting versions and £50 for the standard models – a small price to pay for standing out from the boring black DSLR crowd.