Logitech's M600 Touch Mouse looks like Darth Vader's Magic Mouse

The M600 is small, dark and handsome, but is it a match for Apple's touch sensitive rodent?

Logitech has unveiled the M600 Touch Mouse in a bid to woo mouse-fondlers away from Apple's Magic Mouse and Microsoft's Touch Mouse.

Looking remarkably similar to the Magic Mouse, the M600's a rounded pebble of touch sensitive goodness – albeit one with a plastic shell rather than Apple's more expensive-looking glass frame. That sci-fi pattern makes it look like something that wouldn't be out of place on Darth Vader's desk, which is no bad thing.

The M600's touch functionality lets you use fingertip gestures to scroll and swipe to your heart's content – a horizontal swipe lets you navigate forward or back through web pages, for instance.

That's not quite as impressive as the multitouch features on Apple or Microsoft's offerings, but Logitech's free Flow Scroll software serves up fluid scrolling to make the experience of using the M600 as close to that of your smartphone as possible.

The M600 uses Logitech's unifying USB reciever, which lets you connect up to six wireless Logitech devices – plus it'll run on either one or two AA batteries. The Logitech M600 will be available in February priced at £60.

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