LG unveils new smart fridge with Blast Chiller to keep your wine cool

Blast Chiller cools down a bottle of wine in eight minutes flat. Glad to see LG has its priorities in order

You've got the candles out, the romantic dinner for two is in the oven – but oh no! The wine hasn't been chilled. Fortunately LG's new smart fridge, unveiled at CES, is here to play domestic goddess.

It's got a new Blast Chiller feature that'll chill a bottle of wine in eight minutes flat, saving your bacon and ensuring that your evening isn't marred by a tepid Sancerre.

The smart fridge also has plenty of other features to help manage your life. Smart Manager lets you scan your groceries' barcodes and track the expiry dates of your food – as well as recommending recipes based on the available ingredients.

Smart Shopping lets you buy groceries online direct from the fridge, while Health Manager recommends recipes based on your age, gender and BMI.

So if you're after a fridge that can be your own personal Nigella Lawson and Alfred the butler all rolled into one, LG looks like it has you covered.

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