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LG reveals a flexible 77in OLED TV at CES

Bendy displays look ahead of the curve here in Vegas

Curvy TVs are all the rage right now, and LG is determined to deliver the goods in style.

Showing off a huge 77” flexible OLED TV to rival that of Samsung’s offering, the flexible display can handle being bent over and over again without any trouble, letting you impress your mates and switch between different viewing experiences at the same time.


The curvature of the TV can be adjusted via remote control, and LG states that TV has been subjected to thousands of hours of testing to ensure it can handle the strain without falling apart, which is reassuring.

While there’s no official price, you can kiss little Timmy’s college fund goodbye if you’re planning to snap one up. Whenever it’s actually released that is.

[Via What HiFi]

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