LG Optimus 3D to arrive a week early

The pocketable 3D powerhouse is arriving to the party fashionably early

Those of you holding out for a glasses-free 3D smartphone can officially rejoice as the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have announce that the Optimus 3D will be dropping on July 1 – a whole week earlier than the previously mentioned July 7 due date

The 1GHz dual core powered beast boasts a generous 4.3in glasses-free 3D screen which should provide lots of ooing and aaahing from your fellow commuters and is available from free on a £35/month contract or £500 SIM-free. The decision to part with your cash is entirely in your hands, so head on over to our video review to whet your appetite and see if you’re ready to bite in to the coveted extra dimension. Course, you could always hold out for HTC's EVO 3D instead...


LG Optimus 3D video review