LG gets the Horn for iPod

LG Hausys’ Hi-MACS team has managed to design a speaker system more minimalist and gorgeous than even the iPod itself

LG is so confident it's made the sound of its concept speaker system perfect it's invested in getting the looks just-so too. Meet the Horn, named and designed by Korean architect Shi-hyung Jeon, and based on his country's traditional clothing in a contemporary style. It may all sound a bit wishy-washy but the designs look inspired.

The system uses HI-MACS materials – an LG innovation featuring high heat resistance which allows easy manipulation –  to minimalise vibrations from the two 25W speakers and clearly focus sound for greater clarity with less noise loss. HI-MACS' flexibility allowed the designer to create the smooth, curved horn shape that we can’t help staring at. We can only hope it gets made so we can stare from all sorts of new angles. Maybe even listen too.


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