LG confirms super-high-res 2K QHD screen for G3 smartphone

The South Korean tech giant's next superphone will bombard your eyes with pixels. Lots of pixels
LG confirms that the G3 will have a 2K QHD screen

LG has confirmed that the successor to its flagship G2 handset, the G3, will land with a Quad HD display.

That's a whopping four times the amount of pixels found in a 720p screen (or twice 1080p), with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 - a pixel count which is normally reserved for high-end desktop monitors.

Previous rumours have pointed to the G3 arriving with a 5.5in display. If true, that means that the G3 will have a ridiculous count of 534ppi. While the Oppo Find 7 beat LG to the punch with its own 534ppi 5.5in QHD display, it's yet to be globally released.

LG is the first major manufacturer to confirm the existence of a device with a 2K screen, and we're welcoming the news with a mixture of giddy excitement and cautious trepidation.

While we can't wait to lay eyes on the G3's incredibly sharp screen, we're a little worried that the battery life will take a hit, thanks to the extra  work required to push all those extra pixels.

The G2's battery life is excellent, and it would be a massive shame to see it's longevity suffer. Hopefully LG can get around this problem by packing in a larger stacked battery, as the larger body of the G3 will provide a little more room. 

The G2 also uses 'GRAM' (graphics RAM) to save battery life, and we expect this to make its way to the G3 too. GRAM helps save battery by ensuring that the phone's GPU doesn't refresh the display if you're looking at a static screen like an ebook or an email. 

It helps stop the processor from having to work when there's no need to, and it's a clever solution to help squeeze as much life out of the battery as possible. Couple that with a newer Snapdragon processor (which should be more efficient), and we could still be looking at a whole day of heavy use.

LG has yet to reveal any other details surrounding the G3, but stay tuned for all the latest info as and when we get it.

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