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LG 55in OLED TV launched with 4mm waistline

The Koreans just couldn't wait for CES next week to launch the world's largest OLED display

LG’s 55in OLED TV has slipped smoothly onto our CES must-see list like a skinny slice of dream living room gear from the future. In the world of tomorrow, OLED TVs are apparently cheaper and brighter, just 4mm thick and bigger than ever.

LG reckons its 4 Colour Pixels tech – that’s one more than RGB on our last count – should have OLED TV rivals like Samsung quaking in their dimly-coloured boots. Plus LG says that the new 55in beauty will be 1000 times faster than LED/LCD displays – but it’s keeping schtum on the price, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details at CES.

Elsewhere online, rumours are bubbling away about LG’s involvement in providing OLED displays for Apple’s rumoured Siri-powered TV model. We’ll be in Las Vegas next week for some close-up CES snaps of LG’s monster OLED display – and the rest of next year’s TV screens.

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