Lenovo ThinkPad tablet will get Android 4.0 in May

Slowly but surely, the ice cream van is delivering Ice Cream Sandwich to Android devices near you

Google’s Android 4.0 OS update is slowly making its rounds on Android devices – and the latest tablet to get an upgrade is Lenovo’s Tegra 2-powered 10.1in ThinkPad, which is due for a serving of Ice Cream Sandwich in May.

The ThinkPad joins Lenovo's IdeaPad S2 in the Chinese company's Ice Cream Sandwich lineup – as yet there's no confirmation of an Android 4.0 upgrade for Lenovo's IdeaPad K1 or IdeaPad A1 tablets.

We’ll keep you posted on Ice Cream Sandwich update news as and when we get it to ensure that all of your beloved Android devices get a dose of creamy Android 4.0 goodness.