Lego Death Star incoming

Stuck for a gift for Uncle Darth? This Lego Death Star is (obviously) awesome and comes with every single Lego Star Wars character

What better way to complete your Lego Star Wars collection than to get all the characters at once, with a Death Star thrown in for good measure? If our Best Star Wars merchandise story had you addicted, be warned this might drain your wallet some more.

The Lego Death Star features characters and accessories from Episodes IV and VI and includes multiple decks with minifigure-scale scenes straight from the films. That means the tractor bay control room, the detention block, that garbage compactor – including ugly alien, the Imperial conference chamber, a hangar bay with a TIE fighter, and more. There’s even the Death Star super laser for imaginary planetary destruction, if that’s your thing...

The Lego Death Star is available in Hamleys for £345 now.

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