Lady Gaga "Heartbeats" headphones combine Gaga style with Dre sound

Dr Dre's Beats headphones have proved a favourite at Stuff Towers, and now the bass-pumping range is being bumped up with two new additions, including

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga promise to pack in the same audio quality as the original Beats headphones, but with a Gaga "self-inspired" design, to reflect the Pokerface singer's own individual style.

The sound played through the in-ear headphones will also be tweaked from Dre's Beats to suit Gaga's preferences, and will come in three different versions – a metal body with a choice of red or chrome jewel-shaped earpiece, or a black on black body and earpiece design.

The other new addition to the range is the Beats Solo on-ear headphones, a smaller, lighter and cheaper version of the original Dre Beats, that will be available in black or white colour options.

No word as to when these new lines will hit the shelves or how much they'll be, but we're chasing the deets up and will keep you updated.