Killer robots are recognised as a genuine threat

Human Rights Watch is setting out to show murderous machines are already here and if we’re not careful they could turn on us

Killer robots wiping out puny humans sounds like science fiction but the Human Rights Watch has formed to stop them doing just that. With plenty of automated drone killing machines already on the battlefield campaigns have begun to stop them taking over.

HRW, partially consisting of a university professor, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and an arms division director has created – with Harvard Law’s International Human Rights Clinic – it’s own threat report. It’s called Killing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots and points out the very real danger of leaving our fighting to machines. Many of which already exist like Samsung’s SGR-1 automated gun turret that operates in South Korea and Israel.

Not afraid yet? Watch the video below and start building your own robot-stopping EMP.

[via dvice]

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