Just because they could – laser-etched sushi

The Umino Seaweed Shop turns sushi into art with these laser-etched sheets of seaweed

A Japanese sushi shop has taken "playing with your food" to a whole new level with Design Nori. The Umino Seaweed Shop has used lasers to etch intricate patterns on sheets of nori seaweed.

The aim is to get more people eating nori – following the 2011 tsunami, people in Japan are eating less seaweed.

The shop's produced five different designs – Sakura (cherry blossoms), Mizutama (water drops), Asanoha (hemp), Kikkou (turtle shell), and Kumikkou (tortoise shell). The Design Nori are on display at the Katagami Style exhibition in Tokyo's Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum until the end of May, where they're also on sale – if you happen to find yourself in the neignbourhood and fancy chowing down on a work of art, they'll set you back ¥840 (about £6.50) a sheet.

We rather like the idea of scribbling on our food with lasers – they improve everything, after all. We're hoping someone doodles on some noodles next.

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