Judge Dredd comes to Android with the 2000 AD app

Thrill-power overload as Sláine, Strontium Dog, Nemesis the Warlock and countless others invade your Android device
Judge Dredd comes to Android with the 2000 AD app

Having first arrived in 1977, 2000 AD might be a veteran of the newsstands, but the British comic continues to fire itself into the future.

Following a successful run on Apple Newsstand, publisher Rebellion’s sci-fi comic and a slew of graphic novels are now heading to Android via a new app.

Judge Dredd comes to Android with the 2000 AD app

Android users might have had to wait longer than Apple fans for a 2000 AD app, but it looks like they'll get a better experience from day-one because of it. 

“The iOS app enabled us to make sure there was a market for our digital comics beyond what we offered on our website, and to iron out any problems in making an app,” explains Michael Molcher, 2000 AD’s publicity and marketing droid.

“Now that’s settled down, and we also have loads of digital content, which is great, because you don’t want an app that has nothing on it! So now we’re in this position, we felt it was ideal to get an Android app out there.”

Given Android user numbers being higher than on iOS, Rebellion’s naturally hoping the new app will widen readership of 2000 AD, sister title The Judge Dredd Megazine, and the various collections of strips that are available as digital graphic novels.

But Molcher says the publisher’s plans mostly arrive from what's best for readers: “The thing with Rebellion is its owners, the Kingsley brothers, are very much of the opinion 2000 AD should be available on whatever format you want. So whether you’ve an Android device or an iOS device, and if you prefer an app, PDF or CBZ, it should be readily available.”

Because of this, the company has alongside the Android app rolled out a 'Rebellion ID’ system, to bring everything under one umbrella. Now, if you buy something using the Google Play 2000 AD app (or its iOS cousin), the same content can be downloaded DRM-free in the 2000 AD web shop.

“We’re taking a situation where we’re using proprietary systems that comics are locked into, but are actually saying we want you to be able to access your comics from anywhere,” enthuses Molcher. “It’s a different way of approaching digital comics.”

The 2000 AD Android app is available for free from Google Play. It includes samplers, years of back issues, dozens of graphic novels, and the means to subscribe and get free comics. The iOS app also remains available.

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