Jabra Stone is a smooth looking, noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset

The Bluetooth headset is the pugly runt of the gadget litter but Jabra has a track record of producing socially acceptable models. It's latest is call

It's latest is called the Jabra Stone. The name is clearly inspired by its looks, a smooth pebble like construction which Jabra promises is a revolutionary new shape.

Take a stroll over to the Jabra Stone website to see a little teaser trailer.

The Jabra Stone will rock noise cancelling technology but will ditch the need for a boom arm to swing round and grab the gabbling from your gob.

For those of your with sensitive little ears, the Jabra Stone will have soft rubber padding for added comfort. There'll also be a portable charging kit for more juice on the go.

There's not much else to go on at the moment but the Jabra Stone will be unveiled on October 20. We'll grab one as soon as it drops.

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(via Electricpig)