The iPhone 5c is going away, but don't expect a smaller iPhone 6c next month

Report claims that Apple's low-end model will depart, although the iPhone 5s will stick around

We recently deemed the iPhone 5c to be the weakest of all of Apple's smartphones to date, given its "less-than" status compared to the core line. Maybe Apple heard us (probably not), because a new report claims that the phone will be discontinued.

That will happen when Apple unveils the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus next month, according to 9to5Mac, which claims that the two-year-old iPhone 5c (based on the three-year-old iPhone 5) is due to be phased out.

However, the more powerful iPhone 5s will remain in Apple's line as the entry-level option, not to mention the only device left with a 4in display, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will stick around as slightly cheaper alternatives to the new models. All of that makes sense, given Apple's usual philosophy towards keeping phones in its active roster.

Even though the iPhone 5c will apparently fade into the sunset, 9to5Mac claims that Apple isn't quite ready to unveil a smaller iPhone 6c based on last year's larger phone. We've heard several rumours on the subject, and the report affirms that Apple intends to release another 4in phone along those lines, but that the device isn't ready to debut.

Another report this week suggested that Apple might quietly introduce an iPhone 6c during the holiday season instead; maybe that's when we say goodbye to the iPhone 5s, as well.

And there's one other interesting tidbit in the story: apparently Apple has toyed around with releasing a new phone with a 3.5in display, like all the iPhones made prior to the iPhone 5, but isn't likely to actually release the phone. Which makes sense: once you embrace widescreen 16:9 dimensions for all your phones, going back to something different would be a punch in the gut to developers.

[Source: 9to5Mac]