This iPad Pro case won’t let you lose your Apple Pencil

Your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil will never be apart again

"Where did I put my Apple Pencil?" said no one with a SwitchEasy iPad Pro case ever.

The CoverBuddy has a tube attachment that your Apple Pencil can slip into for protection. To use the Pencil, you can just slide it out either way via the opening in the middle.

That little Pencil pocket also doubles up to tilt your iPad Pro ever so slightly for a more comfortable and natural doodling experience.

The CoverBuddy also leaves the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector clear on the side which means it will work hand in hand with the Smart Keyboard. So you can actually have the full range of your gigantor iPad’s accessories travel with you and not store them separately (and end up losing them).

Not using your Apple Pencil that day? Just detach the holder and replace it with the included faceplate. Simple. 

Bad news is this is all hypothetical until you fund it. It starts from US$25 (£17), but will retail for US$39 (£26) when it hits the market. Early adopters can save a little by backing it on Indiegogo today.