iPad Mini rumours resurface

Remember when Steve Jobs said 7in tablets would be dead on arrival? Apparently Apple disagrees...

The Apple rumour mill has shifted to iPad Mini mode today, with the latest whisperings suggesting that a fruit-emblazoned mini slate to take on the likes of the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire could be making its way out of the bowels of Cupertino in the near future.

Various analysts and industry sources have reportedly informed Chinese tech site MyDrivers that Apple is planning to launch a micro model of the iPad with a price tag of US$250-300.

The new iPad Mini is said to feature a thinner 7.85in display manufactured by Sharp, which will result in a sleeker tablet than the portlier new iPad 3.

Given that Sharp's thinner screens can support resolutions of up to 330ppi, we'd also bet our entire gadget collection that the iPad Mini will arrive packing a Retina Display, joining the likes of the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, new iPad 3 and Retina Display MacBook Pro in the process.

Only time will tell if these latest iRumours will come to fruition, but with a release date supposedly set for later this year, we'll find out soon enough whether or not the iPad will be getting a little brother to play with.

[MyDrivers via TechRadar]

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