iPad Mini may be Apple's thinnest tablet ever

The 7.85in iPad Mini will use a thin film that means all the grunt of the iPad crammed into a super thin shell

The iPad Mini's existence has ridden so many rumours we’re convinced it’s at least a plausible product, if not quite a reality yet. And new hearsay nods to it being the thinnest iPad to date.

After the new iPad 3 put on a little width around the midriff to support a Retina Display, you might worry that the iPad Mini will be sacrificing screen quality by thinning down. But fear not – the 7.85in iPad Mini will use, according to "industry sources" who spoke to DigiTimes, a thin-film touch layer that improves transparency as well as battling the gadget bulge.

Release date rumours still point to September with a reported 10 million units scheduled for production, rumoured to sell for US$250 a piece.

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