iPad 2 photo leaked (maybe)

Could this be the back of the iPad 2? Or just a trick of Photoshoppery?

The slightest whiff of an Apple product leak never fails to whip up salivating gadgeteers in to a frenzy and the iPad 2 is certainly no exception to this rule.


An (alleged) image of the back of the newest revolutionary slab has recently made its rounds on the interwebs and offers a fairly realistic looking sneak-peek at what we should expect on Wednesday.


Angular edges and a flat back have replaced the organic curves of old, resulting in an altogether more alluring and grown-up vibe. The often rumoured and pretty much confirmed rear camera is also clearly visible, as is the perforated speaker on the bottom left.


Render or not, the image certainly seems to match up with what we’ve already guessed and we can’t imagine the real deal being too far off the mark. Make sure you’re a part of the action and join us at 6pm on Wednesday to follow events live as they unfold, right here on



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