iPad 2 coming to T-Mobile and Orange

...but Vodafone and O2 are a little more tentative

Both Orange and T-Mobile have confirmed the Apple iPad 2 will be getting their love and attention the minute it graces our shores with its presence.

No price plans available as yet, but we would imagine them to be fairly similar to what's already on offer, especially given the fact that there is (thankfully) no increase to the iPad 2’s retail price.


Vodafone and O2, on the other hand, are treading more tentatively. O2 have stated that although they will not be selling the iPad 2 themselves, they'll still be offering "great value flexible data tariffs" with the unique ability of changing these tariffs on the device itself. Sounds like a welcome bonus for people whose data requirements fluctuate regularly.

Vodafone have proved to be the least committed of the bunch and have offered no comment. However, it would be madness to not jump on the iPad 2 bandwagon, wouldn't it?


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