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Invisibility cloak is a reality

Forget Harry Potter magic, real life light-bending techniques have created an invisibility cloak

The invisibility cloak, like in Harry Potter, could be in our hands soon. Thanks to HyperStealth Biotechnology the material is already a reality, as you can see in the picture above.

The further development of this cloak is underway as Jordan funds more reaseach and production. Currently it bends light to blend in but also appears (or doesn’t) invisible on infrared and heat scanners. Even the Predator couldn’t see you in this thing. And since it works without cameras, batteries or mirrors it’s easy to fashion and maintain. How it manages this is unclear as details appear guarded at this developmental stage. We reckon it’s got to be magic.

Check out the video below (from 40s) to hear more about the gear – which we don’t expect to see (or not see) for another year at least.

[HyperStealth via Toxel]

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