Install iPhoto and iMovie on your original iPad

Although the first gen iPad isn’t supposed to run them, there’s an easy way to get the newest app on the oldest iPad

If you’re a first gen iPad owner, and aren’t tempted by the upgrade trade-in offers at Carphone Warehouse, but still want the newest apps – we have you covered. Even though Apple has effectively put the original iPad out to pasture by keeping the iMovie and iPhoto apps from it, you can get around it.

All you need to do is download the iPhone Configurator Utility here, where it’s used as a tool for companies installing apps on multiple devices at once.

Now plug your iPad in via USB and select the app you want to manually install by adding them to the library. You should be able to find them – after buying them from iTunes – in iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications. Then all you do is click install and make sure to click Authorise (on your iPad) when prompted to.

Sure your vintage iPad won’t have the camera to take full advantage of iMovie or iPhoto, nor the processing power of the iPad 2 or new iPad. But it should run these apps fine and let you be rewarded for being an early adopter rather than punished. Enjoy.

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