Instagram Android app is coming soon

Droids, get ready for your filtered close-up. The massively popular photo app is headed your way and it's better than on iOS

Instagram has been bragging about its incoming Android app at SXSW this week and if the talk is true, Instagram for Android should be better than its iPhone app counterpart.

The Android app is in private beta at the moment but hipsters looking to filter their life and share to friends all within one app will be glad to know that the full app is coming 'really soon'. The new app will be optimised for larger screens, such as Android tablets, and posting will be available to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

A lot of Instagram's features like photo filters and posting to social networks are already baked into Ice Cream Sandwich or available as free or cheap apps. But the allure of belonging to the Instagram crowd might still be too much for some of you. Instagram now has 27 million cool kids registered to the service, will you be joining them?

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