Icon – Tag Heuer Link smartphone

The watch-making legends serve up a classy phone the price of a small car. We’ll take three

That’s a pretty chunky looking watch.

Indeed it is, except it isn’t – a watch, that is. This Android 2.2 smartphone with a 5MP camera is the second outing by Tag Heuer into the phone arena and with a starting price of €4,700 it’s definitely in second mortgage territory.

I’d rather spend the money on something less fragile.

The Link is actually as tough as they come, with steel, gold or titanium casings available, with rubber or even alligator leather trims and, of course, a Gorilla glass display. The end result is an airtight, fully engineered and shockproof blower that looks as elegant as it is tough.

Does it at least tell the time?

Assuming your phone is on then yes. And before you ask, the purpose of the timepiece crown on the side is to offer quick access to the SIM card, connection port and memory card slots. 

I’m still not convinced…

We know you can get more functional phones that offer more for less, but this isn’t aimed at geeks or nerds. This smartphone is aimed solely for the rich, sophisticated and classy types who can afford to splash out four figure sums for a bit of pocket luxury. Appreciate its beauty for what it is, then get back to your iPhone.

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