Icon – Porsche 929 concept

If Iron Man had a car made of stealth bomber parts, imported from the future, this would be it

Lovely. How much?

Don’t go remortgaging your house just yet. At the moment the Porsche 929 is just a concept. The Panamara – Porsche's current four-seater – ain’t pretty, if we're being honest. So designer Juliana Cho came up with this electric concept.

Electric? Porsche doesn’t do electric

Correct. Though you can expect the hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder to roll out of Porsche's garage soon for a staggering US$845,000. The full-electric 929 concept is yet to get off the drawing board. But its an attractive proposition for the future.

After I get the charging point installed in my garage

Actually, part of the concept is a rotating barrel (below) that charges the cars. You simply buy an app, choose the design you want and it will direct you to the nearest barrel to pick it up for as long as you need. And just like that we've gone from an attractive and feasible concept to sci-fi silliness. Oh, well. We all have our dreams.


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