Icon – Marantz NA7004

Music streaming has never looked half as good as this

New amplifier?

You're in the right ballpark, but playing for the wrong team. Okay, not quite the right analogy. It's a music streamer, actually.

Big and fancy for a streamer...

That's because the hi-fi world is embracing streaming tech finally. The audiophile set is flinging 24-bit FLAC music files across listening rooms as though their vinyl's welfare depends on it.

Okay, it looks nice but does it do anything special?

The NA7004 has the option of AirPlay compatibility for connection to your computer's iTunes library or an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Speaking of which, there's an app called Wizz that enables you to use your iThingamabob as the remote control. Also, while most music streamers just do internet radio, this Marantz can bust out DAB, DAB+, FM and AM.

I'm sold. How much?

A mere £700 gets you this silvery slab of sonic sorcery. Why are you choking?