This huge AudioOrb lets you float away in a bubble of sound

Well, not literally, but you can at least stop your lifelong search for inner peace
This huge AudioOrb lets you float away in a bubble of sound

Meditation is hard. Sitting down alone with the thunderous silence of our own thoughts is always a scary prospect, and by the time our minds have finished simulating epic lightsaber jousting tournaments on dinosaur-back, we're far more buzzed than relaxed.

The solution? Why, it's a giant plexiglass sphere kitted out with 18 speakers of course, and it's called the AudioOrb.

Dock yourself

The AudioOrb is the perfect sound bubble

Simply crawl in, lie back and blast out some Enya to soothe your nerves and calm your racing brain.

While there's no door to completely block out the outside world (or accidentally suffocate yourself in a giant musical hamster ball), its spherical shape will apparently almost completely block out any external noise. Go physics.

It's layered with Tempur memory foam pillows for the ultimate full-body support, and you'll need them after you hear about its US$15,000 dollar price tag.

There's one waiting for you on Indiegogo right now, but there's only two available so you'd better hurry.