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HTC confirms the ‘new HTC One’ will be revealed on 1 March

In case there was any doubt over what the company was cooking up - or planning to call it

The months-long rumour mill that precedes every major smartphone launch is always packed with twists and turns, and when it come to HTC’s next flagship, one persistent note concerned a possible name change.

While it always seemed likely that the device would be called the HTC One (M9), continuing the progression from last year’s excellent One (M8), there was word that the smartphone’s “Hima” codename would actually be incorporated into a new retail moniker.

But that seems unlikely now, as HTC has confirmed that its new flagship smartphone will carry on the One branding. In an image posted to HTC UK’s Twitter account, the phrase, “The new HTC One” is listed. That could just be a marketing tag for what’ll actually be the HTC One (M9), or it could even be the phone’s proper name.

We’ll find out pretty soon, as HTC previously announced a big reveal event for 1 March, as part of the Mobile World Congress festivities, and this teaser image only confirms the date and showing.

Also of interest: the phrase “Let them stare” on the image. An improved display? Maybe a hint at the new camera, which is expected to drop the Duo Camera for a single, large-megapixel design? Or might it be something else entirely?

Our HTC One (M9) preview, updated just this week, has all of the rumours and reports cobbled into one comprehensive guide of what we might see in a couple weeks’ time.

[Source: HTC UK on Twitter]

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