HP Windows Phone 8 device on the horizon?

WebOS wasn't a big success – but that doesn't mean HP has given up on mobile just yet. UPDATE: HP says this definitely isn't going to happen.

We thought HP's mobile days died with webOS, the operating system it bought from Palm in 2010, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

In an interview with Fox Business, CEO Meg Whitman admitted that HP "ultimately has to offer a smartphone," explaining that the firm is "working on" rectifying the situation, but didn't go into any specific device details.

Our Stuff crystal ball envisions two likely scenarios. On option: we see webOS come back but as a community-driven platform. This isn't a bad idea because anyone who bought one of those firesale HP TouchPads would know it was actually a nicely designed tablet, and the phones boasted some clever tech such as wireless charging and NFC.

Alternative number two would be for HP to delve into the fray with long-term partner Microsoft, resulting in an HP Windows Phone 8 smartphone. This would naturally prove more costly for the company, but would help with some much-needed cool factor. It's not such a mad idea, given that HP has announced a number of Windows 8 ready devices, designed to play nice with the rest of Microsoft's products. We're keen to see what HP can bring to the smartphone party.

UPDATE 16/9/2013: HP's just been in touch to tell us that no such WP8 phone is in the works. Their spokesperson said, "This story is a fabrication and is not related to anything HP has in the works. Someone is making stuff up.”

[Engadget via Fox Business]

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