HP Pre 3 on sale today

HP's webOS smartie is now yours for the taking

The rumours pointed to an autumn release, but today the Pre 3 has been officially rolled out for your buying pleasure. It's currently available for the SIM-free price of £360 from Clove – the same guys who brought us the White Samsung Galaxy S2.

It was expected to be available on contract through Orange, but Orange has since contacted Recombu to drop the bomb that it will not be stocking the webOS device, despite setting up a spec-filled landing page.

Interestingly, Clove lists the Pre 3 as having a 1.4GHz processor, as opposed to 1.2GHz, which is in line with earlier expectations. Our hands-on with the Pre 3 will you give you a spec reminder if you need one.

If you're a webOS loyalist and have already bought into the webOS eco-system by treating yourself to a TouchPad, buying a Pre 3 means you'll finally be able to take advantage of the TouchPad's syncing features, like Touch to Share feature for exchanging web content between devices.


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