How your iPhone might change on Monday

With Apple’s WWDC just days away, and iOS 6 expected, here’s what we're expecting to see in the new mobile OS

iOS 6 is expected to be revealed at Apple’s WWDC this Monday 11th June. So far it’s all rumours and hearsay, but the new mobile operating system could change the face of Apple’s mobiles once again, if these features come to fruition.

Firstly, we could see Apple ditching Google Maps in favour of its own cartological offering. After buying several mapping companies, including a 3D service, Apple could give Google Maps a run for its money. Here’s hoping it offers offline mapping to save on data charges and battery consumption when navigating.

The use of FaceTime over 3G is also on the cards. For those with all-you-can-eat data this could mean the end of phone calls and the start of face-to-face chats anywhere – especially if you have friends who are easy on the eye.

And we may also see Facebook integration into iTunes meaning you should be able to sign-in and make purchases using your social login. That means you'll be able to see what your friends are listening to and what they're watching. Alternatively, you might just find your Facebook feed clogged up with reports of mates who've fallen prey to the Sing Something craze.

Check back on Monday for Apple’s big WWDC reveal of iOS 6, Retina Display MacBooks, and maybe even the iPhone 5.

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