How to import Facebook friends to Google Plus

Are you a privileged member of Google Plus? Get your Facebook contacts in and you need never go back

So you’ve bagged yourself a Google Plus account but you’re feeling lonely on there and want to import your Facebook friends. It’s not a simple process so listen carefully. Before you read on, note this only works if you have a Yahoo account or Chrome Facebook Friend Exporter. You can create either of those simply enough. We're sure you can work out how.

1. Sign up to and then sign into your Yahoo account, click ‘Contacts’ then ‘Import contacts’ from the Facebook logo.

2. In contacts click ‘Select all’, go to ‘Actions’ and ‘Export all’ as a Yahoo CSV file.

3. Sign into your Gmail account, click ‘Contacts’, ‘New group’ and call it ‘Facebook’. From there click the new ‘Facebook’ label on the left-hand menu, go to ‘More actions’, ‘Import’, ‘Chose file’ and select the Yahoo CSV document you just exported. Select the ‘Facebook’ label in the drop-down and bosh the ‘OK’ button. You’re importing.

4. Log in to your Google Plus account, go to the ‘Circles’ tab and click ‘Find and invite’ at the top and you will see all your Facebook friends in front of you. Done.

For the time being you can use the Chrome browser's Facebook Friend Exporter plugin to do the same. If you want this guide in video form simply play the below.


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