How to force your friend's Chrome browser to show nothing but cat pics, all day long

A new Google Chrome extension has potential for unlimited mischief

A new Google Chrome extension called Shove is about to make the internet a much more exciting, yet terrifying place.

The extension's premise is simple. It lets you open up a website on your friend's browser remotely. And yes, we mean any website you fancy.

It's a strictly opt-in deal of course, which means that two or more parties all have to agree to installing and using the extension with each other.

There are practical applications too of course - sharing links and useful information like map directions spring to mind, but if you think for one second that this system won't be abused, then you must be new to the internet, and human nature in general.

Install it from here, at your own risk, and enjoy never being able to relax, ever again.

[via Engadget]